Ultrasound Services

We are excited to get to share in this amazing experience with you, and we strive to make it as wonderful as possible!

Gender Check

With this ultrasound, we will be able to tell you the gender of your precious baby.
Your 15-minute ultrasound will include the following:

  • you will get to listen to your baby’s heartbeat
  • you will be able to view the ultrasound on the screen in front of you
  • you will receive a bundle of pictures to share with your friends and family
  • you will get to find out the gender of your baby

Gestational Age:  17-19 weeks
Cost: $60

4D Ultrasound

This ultrasound is just for fun and allows you to receive amazing pictures of your little bundle of joy! You will receive 30 minutes of ultrasound that you will get to experience on the big screen in front of you.  We will also provide you with a bundle of pictures and a 5-minute live action DVD that will allow you to see all the movement of your baby and hear the soothing sound of the heartbeat.  This is definitely something to add to the baby book!!!

Gestational Age:  28-32 weeks
Cost:  $150

*If you are interested in either ultrasound please let us know so that we can get you scheduled for them!